IMG_1619   Why work with me? Because these moments are fleeting, once enjoyed, and the details forgotten over the years. In a era where technology makes things convenient, and portable, nothing is more timeless than quality you can touch. If you have ever sat down and browsed through old family memories, you know of this sentiment of touch. Our grand-kids will look at our old smartphones, USB drives and disc's and find them obsolete curios of corrupted data, the same ways we look at VHS and Cassette Tapes. Pricing For many prospective clients, it is a matter of working within budgets. My first question is "what does your budget look like, and what are you expecting for that budget?" I'm am pretty flexible, but things have to work for both of us, this is why I prefer to meet with my prospective clients, so we can break the ice, and discuss your specific needs, so we can create your unique experience. A bit about me I am a Dad to two awesome kids, who are 16 & 21,Husband to a wonderful Wife, and a son to two great parents. I am a Veteran,during my time in the Navy, I got interested in Photography while serving overseas in 1991, and I still have my first professional camera from then. In 2002, I launched a DJ company, which transitioned to include Wedding, Portrait & Event Photography in 2004. I tried both at the same time once, and decided it was not a great idea. My "Day Job" career is a diverse, with a background in Metal Fabrication, Industrial Process Improvement, Rapid Prototyping, Project Management, IT Consulting, and Database Management. Currently, I am a Program Analyst/Executive Assistant. As a person, I am straight forward, respectful & honest. I take the time with my client's to understand the process from start to finish, and ask questions.



With over 10 years of professional experience, We are more than happy to be part of your Wedding Day, capturing precious memories to last a lifetime, and update your professional and business image.


A diverse selection from all time favorites to today's chart topping artist, we offer a great selection of music, with sound systems that sound great!  Our DJ service will create the mood and vibe for your Wedding or Event.

Photo/Video Booths

Want to capture candid pictures, or event well wishes at your wedding? We don't use an automatic system, we use a real photographer, with your option to upload the candid's to Social media, or have 4x6 prints printed during your event, for your guest to take home!  Our video booth is a great partner to our Videography services.


We love to hear from you! Feel free to e-mail us! We offer free evening & weekend consultations to fit your schedule.


Thanks for checking out the Cinema section, These video have been optimized for viewing on smart phones, but look great on a Desktop as well in full 1080P HD!